Eunoe nodosa

Eunoe nodosa is a epi-benthic species of polychaete worm showing the typical elliptical body shape of this family (Polynoidae).

Eunoe nodosa can be found on marine sediments from the sub-littoral zone to 1,260 meters of water.

One of 2,170 polychaete type specimens photographed as part of a project to make the Museum's polychaete type collections more accessible.

Species detail

Eunoe nodosa is covered in kidney shaped scales (elytra) on the dorsal surface and may reach lengths of up to 90mm. The scales are important for aiding identification as are the bristles (chaetae), that give this worm a slightly fuzzy appearance along its edge. Hence, polychaetes are also sometimes referred to as bristle worms.

The chaetae vary in shape and in Polynoidae are usually very course.

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Ms Margaret Packer

Laboratory Manager for the polychaete and nematode research groups.

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