Sorolopha bruneiregalis is distinguished from other species of Sorolopha, by its strikingly bold black and white forewing pattern.

In most other species of Sorolopha, the forewings are shade of green. 

Sorolopha stygiaula (Meyrick, 1933) and Sorolopha camarotis (Meyrick, 1936) do have a black or olive brown forewing marking, but this is shaped like a broad crescent along most of the wing length.


Sorolopha bruneiregalis belongs to the Tortricidae family of Lepidoptera. This huge family of mainly small moths is diverse and hard to categorise. 

Characteristic features of Tortricidae family 

  •  forewings,
    • many have brown or grey often cryptically patterned to resemble bark
    • others are more brightly coloured in 
      • yellows 
      • tans 
      • black and white
    • rectangular square-ended 
    • held roof-like over the body
    • often pressed closely to the surface that the moth is resting on further completing its daytime camouflage. 
  • often have a rectangular or bell-shaped outline at rest.

A taxonomic database of the world fauna of Tortricidae is available at and is based mainly on records from the Natural History Museum.