Dendrolimus pini belongs to the family Lasiocampidae:

  • There are around 200 species of Lasiocampidae worldwide.
  • Many species are large, with stout fluffy bodies.
  • The antennae are ‘feathered’ in males, simple in females.
  • The larvae are usually hairy. The hairs of some species can cause irritation to the skin.

Adult males of Dendrolimus pini have a forewing length of c25-30mm. Females are generally larger, with a forewing length of c30-40 mm.

In much of its range the forewing pattern makes this species unlikely to be confused with any other species. A similar looking species of Dendrolimus replaces it in Japan. In Europe there is some variation in the intensity of the markings, and some populations are more greyish in colour than those illustrated here. A number of subspecies have been described.