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Fireballs and lightning

Caroline, Friday 29 September 2006

This dramatic image was taken by one of the cameras in the Desert Fireball Network that we’ll be visiting in the Nullabar. The white streak across the bottom of the picture is a meteorite fireball, shooting across the sky in the middle of an electrical storm. Less than ten of the 32,000 or so known meteorites have their falls recorded by camera or video.

Electrical storm and fireball captured on camera © Phil Bland

Electrical storm and fireball captured on camera © Phil Bland

As well as looking for meteorites, one of our most important tasks will be to check that the cameras are working correctly, and fix any problems that we find.

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One Response to “Fireballs and lightning”

  1. Martin says:

    Caroline, though this pic is amazing, that white streak is not any fireball, but the Moon. Fireballs look more like this.
    Martin, developer of the Cameras control software

    P.S this blog is nice, when I read it, I virtually return to Oz outback. I love Nullarbor trips, it was a great experience!

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