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Planning, more meteorites – and footie

Caroline, Thursday 28 September 2006

Today we went to pick up one of our 4-wheel drive vehicles and then set off to buy a load of gear at a camping and outdoor shop. Our meteorite search is really becoming more of a reality!

After that, we paid a visit to David Vaughan, who is a rock and mineral expert and a great friend of Phil Bland, our colleague from Imperial College in London, and Alex’s. He showed us some AMAZING samples of different rocks and minerals and also some great slices of the Mundrabilla meteorite. We had a great time talking shop and discussing the different rocks and meteorites.

We are heading out to the field on Sunday, so on Friday and Saturday we have a bit more organising and shopping to do, but we do also get some free time to do tourist things.

We’re going to Fremantle on Friday, and then on Saturday I’m going to watch the Australian Football League final – like the FA cup final in England – at Nardi’s house. Everyone in Perth is very excited because the local team, the West Coast Eagles are in the final this year. Lots of the local shops and pubs are flying the team flag and colours (blue and gold) and there’s a great atmosphere building up.

Nardi says that Saturday will be amazing, so I’m looking forward to watching it with a load of her friends – hopefully they will be able to explain the rules and I’ll be cheering the Eagles along with them!

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