The study of meteorites can reveal how the solar system first began, what life is like on other planets and how these planets were formed. Find out how often these messengers from space fall, where they end up and what other secrets they tell us.

  • The conical shape of this meteorite points in the direction of travel.
    What is a meteorite?

    Find out where meteorites come from and where they can be found in this short introduction.

  • Meteorite FAQs
    Meteorite FAQs

    Why do meteorites fall from the sky? Has anyone been killed by a meteorite? Find out the answers as well as how to contact us if you have a meteorite enquiry.

  • A piece of the meteorite that landed in Barwell in 1965
    Meteor impacts

    How often do meteors strike Earth, where are they most likely to hit, and is there any warning?

  • An iron meteorite which has been cut and acid-etched to reveal its crystal structure
    Types of meteorite

    There are three main groups of meteorite. They differ in the amount of iron-nickel metal they contain.

  • The Barwell meteorite
    Collecting and identifying meteorites

    Very few people actually see meteorites hit the ground and most fall into the sea and are lost. So where are the best places to spot them?

  • 360° views of meteorite specimens
    360° views of meteorite specimens

    The Museum has a collection of over 2,000 meteorites. Rotate our virtual specimens and take a 360 degree look.

  • Meteorites and diamonds
    Meteorites and diamonds

    Diamonds in meteorites are produced in two different ways, from two different sets of material.

  • The Nullarbor desert in Australia
    Studying meteorites

    Many of the conditions that create meteorites are not like anything on Earth. Discover the fascinating yet difficult field of meteoritics, the study of meteorites.

  • A piece of the Sayh al Uhaymir 005 shergottite, found in Oman
    Catalogue of Meteorites

    Search the Catalogue of Meteorites, the world taxonomic database of meteorite falls and finds.

  • Meteor Mars
    Meteorites from the Moon and Mars

    Although almost all meteorites come from the asteroid belt, a few have come from the Moon and Mars.

  • Martian meteorites
    Martian meteorites

    Over 30 meteorites have come from Mars. Find out how studying their mineralogy and geochemistry tells us about the Red Planet.

  • Halley's comet
    Meteorites: the search for the origins of life

    Meteorite expert Monica Grady discusses where meteorites come from and what they can tell us about the Earth's beginnings.

  • Landscape of Antarctica
    Collecting meteorites in Antarctica

    Interview with Sara Russell, Head of the Mineral and Planetary Sciences Division. Sara has spent three summers collecting meteorites in Antarctica. Find out what is involved.

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  • New paper: Modal mineralogy of CI and CI-like chondrites by X-ray diffraction

    Some meteorites, called CI chondrites, contain quite a lot of water; more than 15% of their total weight. Scientists have suggested that impacts by meteorites like these could have delivered water to the early Earth. The water in CI chondrites is loc...
    Wed, 17 Jun 2015 09:45:58

  • Shooting Stars @ the Natural History Museum

    We’re delighted to announce the start of a new meteorites project called Shooting Stars @ the Natural History Museum that aims to observe meteors over the UK. Meteors (also known as shooting stars) are dust and rocks from space that genera...
    Wed, 11 Mar 2015 14:36:45