Identification keys

Identify flora, fauna, rocks, minerals and fossils in your local area with these step-by-step indentification guides.

  • A bumblebee, Bombus sp., collecting nectar from a flower
    British bumblebee identification guide

    This British bumblebee identification guide is an easy-to-use key designed to help you identify bumblebees by looking at the insects' colour patterns.

  • Tree in meadow
    Tree identification key

    This interactive key will help you identify common trees found in the UK.

  • Lichens

    Explore the amazing diversity of lichens and find out why they are the canaries of the fungal world.

  • Walking with woodlice
    Woodlouse identification key

    This simple key will help you to identify the woodlice that you are most likely to find.

  • Earth lab fossils
    Earth-lab datasite

    Find out about fossils, minerals and rocks discovered in your local area with the Earth Lab database.

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