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The Sloane connection

Sloane in Jamaica
Sloane in Jamaica

Sloane stayed in Jamaica for 15 months. What was Jamaica like in Sloane's time and what did he do there?

Why did Sloane collect plants? Why did Sloane collect plants?

At the time when Hans Sloane was training to be a doctor, most medicines came from plants. Find out about medicine in Sloane's time and how plants could make you a fortune.

Sloane and the Museum Sloane and the Museum

Discover why Sloane's plants, specimens, notes and drawings are such a significant part of the Museum's collections.

Jamaica's plant heritage Jamaica's plant heritage

The plants Sloane collected are part of Jamaica's rich natural heritage. Find out why Sloane's Natural History journal is an important cultural record.

Using herbal remedies Using herbal remedies

There's been a huge increase in interest in traditional herbal remedies. Discover the powerful properties of plants both good and bad.

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