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The Beast of Bodmin Moor

Further reading

To learn more about the areas covered by this casebook refer to the following books:

  • Principles and Techniques of Contemporary Taxonomy by Quicke, DLJ.
    Blackie Academic and Professional, London 1993.
    A simple introduction to taxonomy and taxonomic techniques.
  • A Field Guide to the Insects of Britain and Northern Europe by Chinery, M.
    Collins, London 1993.
    This has details about UK cockroaches and a guide to identifying insects.
  • The New Encyclopedia of Mammals, Volume 1 Macdonald, D.
    Oxford University Press, 2001.
    This includes a chapter on the cat family.
  • The Beast of Exmoor and Other Mystery Predators of Britain by Francis, D.
    Jonathan Cape, London 1993.
    Popular book about sightings of mysterious big cats in Britain.
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