Species of false widow spider

The UK has seven species of false widow spider. Four are native, two are accidental introductions and one is frequently imported but not established yet.

Native UK species:

  • Steatoda phalerata
  • Steatoda albomaculata
  • Steatoda bipunctata
  • Steatoda grossa

Introduced species:

  • Steatoda nobilis: fully established in southern counties and increasing its range year on year
  • Steatoda triangulosa: known from a few isolated records
  • Steatoda paykulliana: frequently imported in grapes from southern Europe, but not established
Which species am I most likely to come across?

Three of these species are common in and around homes and gardens - the native Steatoda bipunctata and Steatoda grossa, and the introduced Steatoda nobilis. Find out more about each of them below.

  • Steatoda bipunctata
    Steatoda bipunctata

    Learn about Steatoda bipunctata, known as the rabbit hutch spider because it’s so common there.

  • Steatoda grossa
    Steatoda grossa

    Distinguish Steatoda grossa, the one that looks most like a black widow spider.

  • Steatoda nobilis
    Steatoda nobilis

    Identify Steatoda nobilis, the species most associated with false widow worries.