Steatoda bipunctata

Also known as the rabbit hutch spider, as there is barely a rabbit hutch in the UK without this species as a resident.

  • Abdomen: dark brown to cream, usually with a cream band running around the front edge and with a cream mid-line down its length. Two distinctive pits or punctures are usually clearly visible on the abdomen.
  • Cephalothorax (front part of the body, including the head): dark brown
  • Legs: brownish, usually with a banded appearance
  • Leg span: maximum 15mm

This species prefers an aerial position to make its web and can usually be found on sheds and garages, fence panels, beneath windowsills and occasionally indoors in cooler parts of the home. 


The web is not a classic orb-web, but is a three-dimensional tangle of threads, which are characteristic for this group of spiders.

UK distribution

This species is very common and widespread throughout the UK and can be found abundantly in most gardens.


This is an entirely harmless species and is not implicated in bites. Males are more likely to be observed in the autumn when they are wandering in search of a mate, frequently venturing indoors.