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 Group name  Recognisable  feature  Dinosaur  Dinobird


 Basic theropod Walking on two legs
Three forward-facing toes on each foot
Hollow bones
Five fingers on each hand
 Herrerasaurus   Herrersaurus
  Four fingers on each hand
 Coelophysis   Ceolophysis
  Three fingers on each hand
 Allosaurus   Allosaurus
 Coelurosaurian  theropod Big, round eye sockets
 Compsognathus Sinosauropteryx, found in 1996 Covered in 'fluff' Compsognathus
     Tyrannosaurus rex   Tyrannosaurus  rex
 Arctometatarsalian  theropod Long shin bones
Long ankles
 Gallimimus   Gallinimus
 Maniraptoran  theropod 'Swivel' wrists
Long arms

Protarchaeopteryx, 1997
Caudipteryx, found in 1997

Feathers with a central shaft

 Dromaeosaur Backwards-pointing hip bones
Very long hands
 Deinonychus 'Fuzzy raptor' Feathers with a central shaft Deinonychus
 Group name  Recognisable
 Bird  Dinobird  Picture

 Avialae - flying  dinosaur Flight feathers (1861)
 Archaeopteryx   Archaeopteryx
 Ancient bird Reduced bony tail ending in fused bones
Hand is the longest part of wing
   Confuciusornis  Changchengornis  Liaoxiornis  
  'Forearm' is the longest part of wing
 Avis - modern birds Always has beak
Wings with fused finger bones at the wing tip
Well-developed breastbone with a deep keel