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Physical access

Physical access: on site

The Museum is an international resource. Visiting scientists, artists, writers and researchers spend anything from one week to many years here, studying the collections and using the research facilities.

Bente Klitgaard

'I need access to the extensive library which specialises in systematic literature.' Bente Klitgaard, Botany Researcher

Alex Monro

Off site

At any one time, around 80,000 specimens can be on loan to experts around the globe, from our beetle collection alone.

Outgoing loan parcel

The community of taxonomists is small. For each group of species, there is a handful of experts. In order to identify some of our specimens, we post them to other experts across the world. Similarly, outside institutions donate specimens to us in return for their identification.

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Incoming loan parcel Intellectual value

The new knowledge we gain from these collaborations increases the intellectual value of our collections.