Climate change

Since the beginning of time, the world has undergone radical changes. Over millions of years, supercontinents have split to create new continents, ice ages have come and gone and now the Earth is warming up. Investigate the Museum's work researching climate change and its impacts on the natural world.

  • The Earth seen from space
    About climate change

    Find out how scientists first discovered that human activity was causing global warming, what consequences they think this will have over the next century, and what the international community is doing to limit the damage.

  • A member of the British Antarctic Survey taking an ice core © British Antarctic Survey
    How do we know?

    Find out about the range of methods that scientists use to measure temperature, including drilling ice cores and measuring fossil bryozoa in the oceans.

  • The Sahara Desert
    Impacts on humans and the natural world

    As Earth's climate warms, many species could face extinction. Find out about the possible effects of climate change and discover why it's important to take action now to limit the consequences.

  • A farmers market
    Taking action against climate change

    Find out what practical steps you can take to reduce your environmental impact and prevent global warming from getting out of control.