Natural disasters

Volcanic eruptions and earthquakes are potentially devastating events, but they are also instrumental in shaping the Earth and life as we know it.

Investigate these powerful phenomena and other natural hazards, and explore their impacts.

  • Krakatau

    Find out what causes volcanic eruptions and how they can benefit as well as threaten humans.

  • Aftermath of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake in Japan

    Unearth the geological processes that cause the ground to shake. How do scientists locate and measure them?

  • Aftermath of the Tōhoku tsunami, Japan, 2011

    Discover what causes tsunamis and how people living in risk areas can protect themselves.

  • A flooded road near Richmond, London

    As well as damaging property, floods have wide-ranging consequences for wildlife and local environments.

  • Hurricane Irene as seen by the GOES-13 satellite in August 2011

    Discover how hurricanes form, and which parts of the world are most affected.

  • Forest fire © US Department of Agriculture
    Forest fires

    Wild fires can be very destructive but they are an important part of the lifecycle of some trees.