The deep ocean

Earth’s oceans cover two-thirds of its surface and are home to a great variety of species. But we probably know more about the surface of the Moon than the deep oceans and the strange animals that live there.

Only 150 years ago scientists thought that the depths of the seas were totally lifeless. We now know that there is animal life all over the oceans, even at the bottom of the deepest trenches. As studies of the ocean environment continue, who knows what previously unimagined secrets will be revealed?

  • Suckers on the tentacles of the giant squid, Architeuthis dux.
    Facts about the deep ocean

    The oceans cover two-thirds of the Earth's surface. Find out about the weird and wonderful creatures that live there, from the deepest fish ever recorded to the creatures with the largest eyes.

  • Football fish, Himantolophus groenlandicus
    Fishes of the deep sea

    Deep sea fish have had to adapt in all kinds of strange and wonderful ways to an environment of intense pressure, cold and dark. Find out about some of these species.

  • An amphipod, a shrimp-like creature found at all depths of the sea
    Life on the deep sea floor

    Life in the deep sea is as varied as life on a coral reef or in a rainforest. Find out about some of its inhabitants.

  • A drawing of the legendary sea serpent attacking a ship
    Monsters of the deep

    Stories of sea monsters in legends and sailors' stories are often caused by mistaken identity, but there are some giants living in the deep sea.  Discover some of them here.

  • Atlantic catfish, Anarhichas lupus - a deep sea, bottom-dwelling fish in the northern hemisphere.
    Challenges and survival strategies

    From total darkness to intense pressure, what are the challenges faced by deep sea creatures and how have they adapted to live in these conditions?

  • A pufferfish from the Tetraodontidae family
    Layers of ocean life

    Learn about the different zones of the ocean, from areas of shallow sunlit seas teaming with life, to the pitch black depths.

  • A diagram of the main features of the ocean floor
    Features of the ocean floor

    Just like the Earth's landmasses, the oceans contain canyons, mountain ranges, and other formations.  Learn about the different habitats for life they provide.