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Section of a sea-lily stem visible on the polished face of a stone used in a building in Maastricht, The Netherlands

World folklore

Disc-like crinoid columnals in German folklore were referred to as Bonifacius Pfennige (St Boniface's pennies) (Bel 1939).

Ciantar (1772, p. 424) referred to 'stones in the form of stars' which in Maltese folklore were said to be blessed by St Paul, as with many other products from the island (see pages on sharks' and bony fish teeth). These fossil sea-lily columnals were considered to be antidotes for poisons, and the Maltese would implant them in special anti-poison cups made from the crushed limestone of the cave where St. Paul reportedly spent his three month stay on Malta (Zammit-Maempel, 1989, p. 16).