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Birthday congratulations and admiration for socialism

Full transcription

                                             Worcester, Mass. U.S.A.,
                                                    Jan. 3, 1913.
Dr. Alfred Russell Wallace,
      Old Orchard, Broadstone,
 Wimborne, Dorset.

Dear Sir:-             
On the ninetieth anniversary of your birth, permit me to join in the congratulations ex- tended to you at this season by a grateful world. I personally owe to you a double debt for your noble example and invaluable inspiration given to the youth of our age in your achievements in science and in your services to mankind by your advocacy of the cause of socialism. Clark Uni- versity is an institution for scientific research. Among its faculty and students is an active Socialist society. To you, sir, we look, as to a Father in God, both in our efforts in laboratory and lecture hall, and in our endeavours to promote the cause, which counts among its claims to the world's respect the glory of your name and life. We unite in ad- ding to our congratu- lations on your birthday our most heartfelt wishes for many years of life and health, for your continued services to truth and humanity.     I am, sir, with deepest gratitude and respect,          Very sincerely yours,
                Albert N. Gilbertson

Fellow in Anthropology,
     Clark University.

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