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List of expedition food supplies

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Articles taken to Aru - & remarks on quantities

Sugar 50 catt. (15R.) - will last 8 months.
Butter..1kg. ? 12lb (15 R) plenty. 8 m[onths] or 10 m[onths].
Coffee..20catt... too much.. will last 9 m[onths]
Tea. 5catt..10 R used half - will last 12 m[onths]
Soy. 2 flasks  need 1.  Vinegar. 3. used 2.
Oil took 16 flasks & bought 8-10 at Aru. large lamp used much..

Madeira . 18 R. a doz.[en]
Beer. 6 to 9 R. doz.[en]

Shot. 12 R. a bag. took about 5 bags - used most & ab[ou]t. 3000 caps. 4 1/2 R. 1000 of [?]

Bread cut thin & dried; or slightly toasted first - [?]
Powder at Amboyan 60 c. of fl. a pound. 16lb. =6 [?]

Tortoise shell in Ternate - best thick & spotted 20R. a catty. Ordinary large 15 R. a catty.
If an entire shell a head is less than 1/2 catty sold by head from 2 to 6 rupees. Bad thin & small will average ab[ou]t 5 R. a catty.

Note. With two guns (80 & 20 bore) daily out use about a pound of powder in 10 days.

Common starch good to clean feathers of birds -  see end of "Maunders Treasury",

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