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List of Wallace's lectures in the USA

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Mr. A.R. Wallace's lectures on Natural History

1. The Darwinian Theory Darwinism, what it is and how it has been demonstrated. (Illustrated by Diagrams)
2. The Origin and Uses of the Colours of Animals (Illustrated by coloured Stereopticon views)
3. Mimicry and other exceptional modes of Animal Colouration... (" Stereopticon pictures)
4. The Origin and Uses of the Colours of Plants. (Stereopticon)
5. The Permanence of the Oceans and the relations of Islands and Continents (Maps & diagrams)
6. Oceanic Islands and their Biological History. (Maps)
7. Continental Islands, their past history and Biological relations. (Maps)
8. The Physical and Biological relations of New Zealand and Australia. (Maps)

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