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Encyclopaedia proof for 'spiritualism'

Encyclopaedia proof for 'spiritualism'

Catalogue number: WP7/60(2)

Proof for the Chambers's Encyclopedia entry on 'spiritualism' written by Wallace, dated July 1892.

This proof copy of the entry for 'spiritualism' in the Chambers's Encyclopedia was written by Wallace. Wallace was not only a renowned naturalist but was also noted for his involvement with the spiritualist movement. As such he was the perfect expert to contribute to the Chambers's Encyclopedia (new edition, volume 9, July 1892). The proof pages are sewn into a paper cover made from an envelope addressed to Wallace from the publisher John Murray.

Wallace rather elaborately begins to describe spiritualism as '...the name applied to a great and varied series of abnormal or preter-normal phenomenon purporting to be for the most part caused by spiritual beings, together with the belief thence arising of the intercommunications of the living and the so-called dead'. In other words, anything related to contacting the dead. A history of the movement, a background and numerous examples are expanded upon in the rest of the entry.

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