Take part in the survey

Find out about the urban tree survey, why it's important, and how to take part.

Please enter your results before 31 March 2015, when the survey closes.

  • View of trees in Nottingham
    About the tree survey

    The urban tree survey is a nationwide survey of trees in urban areas, including gardens. Find out why it matters and how you can contribute to our understanding of the UK's biodiversity.

  • Someone doing the tree survey in their local park
    How to do the survey

    Follow our simple instructions to identify trees and complete a survey. All you need is here, including the survey's tree identification key and tips from our scientists.

  • Record your tree on our urban tree survey map
    Record your results

    Put your trees on the map. Tell us what and where they are by placing a tree pin on our online results map.

  • Cherry trees in a park
    Cherry tree survey

    Help us find out where cherry trees are growing in Britain and when they are flowering.