Identify cherry trees

In spring, cherry trees are easy to identify by their eye-catching blossom. Cherries all belong to the group of species known as Prunus and so share a number of important characteristics.

Use the identification key and factsheets in this section to help you identify the tree you are looking at. When you have identified your cherry trees please send us your survey results.

Trees that look like cherries

There are a number of other trees that look similar to cherries and are often mistaken for them. Our information on cherry tree look-alikes will help you to make sure you are looking at a cherry tree before you use the key.

  • Tree branches against the sky
    Cherry tree identification key

    This interactive identification tool will help you identify which kinds of cherry trees are growing near you.

  • Cherry blossom
    Cherry trees factsheets

    Factsheets on the 9 groups or species of cherry tree that you can identify for the cherry tree survey. You can use these to check your identifications or to find out about a particular type of tree.

  • Blackthorn fruit
    Cherry tree look-alikes

    Find out how to tell a cherry tree from these look-alikes, from blackthorns to crab-apples and pears.