Identify trees

Use the interactive identification key, factsheets and other resources in this section to help you distinguish one tree from another.  When you have identified your trees please send in your results to the urban tree survey.

  • Tree in meadow
    Tree identification key

    Identify your trees quickly and easily using this interactive key. Simply select the options that match your tree and in a few short steps you'll know what you're looking at.

  • Strawberry tree fruit
    Tree factsheets

    Discover more about UK trees with these useful factsheets. From the size of the tree to the shape of the leaves, all the facts are here. And there are plenty of photographs to illustrate key features.

  • Sycamore leaves and winged fruit
    Tree ID forum

    If you find an unusual tree or just need some friendly help with identification, ask our experts in the tree ID forum.

  • Whitebeam tree leaves
    Trees glossary

    Use this glossary to check the meanings of words used to describe trees. Our diagrams and definitions will help you with leaf shapes, flower parts and more.

  • Leaf shape and arrangement are important clues for tree identification
    Tree identification tips

    Get tips from the Museum's experts on what look for when identifying trees.

  • Beech tree fruit
    More tree identification guides

    Here are some other online tools and books you can use to help you identify trees in the British Isles.

Tree survey tools

Home screen of the Leafsnap UK app for iPhone

Free tree ID app

Identify UK trees with our app for iPhone, Leafsnap UK. 

The app offers leaf recognition technology along with information and high-res images for 156 tree species in Britain.

More about the Leafsnap UK app
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