Urban tree survey

Help us survey the UK's trees

Identify a tree today. Take part in the urban tree survey and tell us about the trees in your streets, parks and especially in your gardens.

Most of the trees growing in our towns and cities are found in private gardens and information on their distribution is very limited. We need your help to find out what species are growing where in the UK.

The information you collect will contribute to our understanding of the UK's trees and provide a baseline against which future changes can be measured, so it will be useful for generations to come.

  • A group of people taking part in the urban tree survey
    Take part in the survey

    Find out more about the survey and why it is important. All the tools you need to take part and put your trees on the map are here.

  • Trees around a lake in a park
    Identify trees

    Identify your trees with the help of our interactive key, factsheets on the most common UK trees, and other guidance.

  • Some of the trees plotted so far on the urban tree survey results map
    Results and findings

    See the results so far and find out what they mean from our scientists.

  • Pupils in a park surveying trees
    Learning resources

    School pupils can take part in the urban tree survey with these curriculum-linked learning resources aimed at Key Stage 2 (ages 7–11)

Learn to identify trees

Find out about the survey and discover how to identify trees with the help of botanist and tree expert Dr Bob Press in this video.

Help with tree identification

If you have a question about trees, or want some help identifying a particular tree, the Museum experts and enthusiasts in our Tree ID forum could help you.

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