About biodiversity

The term biodiversity describes the variety of life on Earth, from micro-organisms to mighty whales, along with the habitats they depend upon. Discover why the UK’s biodiversity is under threat and what will happen to us as biodiversity decreases. 

  • An ox eye daisy, Chrysanthemum leucanthemum, in the Museum's wildlife garden
    Introduction to biodiversity

    What is biodiversity, what are the threats and what is the Museum doing to help conserve biodiversity?

  • Wheat sheaf
    Why conserve biodiversity?

    Biodiversity is a fundamental part of the Earth's life support system, without it we would not be able to survive.

  • Logging operations in Brunei
    What threatens our biodiversity?

    The world's biodiversity is under threat from a range of different dangers, the majority of which have been caused by humans.

  • A range of the nuts and seeds in the Museum's collection
    Biodiversity at the Museum

    Scientists at the Museum and in many other research centres are still discovering new species, all of which play a role in the global ecosystem.