British flora and fauna

This theme presents a selection of watercolour drawings of British flora and fauna held in the Library at the Natural History Museum. To find out more about these drawings and their artists select an image below.

Grey seal by Thorburn Moths by Frohawk   Barn owl by Harle   Shells by Brown

Grey seals
Archibald Thorburn

Moses Harris

Barn owl
Dennis Harle

Peter Brown





Fly mushroom by Smith   Life cycle of the high brown fritillary by Frohawk     Red squirrel by Wilson

Fly mushroom
Worthington Smith

High brown fritillary
Frederick Frohawk


Lady's slipper orchid
Edward Bedford


Red squirrel
Edward Wilson

Kittiwakes by Gillmor          

Robert Gillmor

Long-tailed field mouse
William MacGillivray