Key Stage 5 at Tring

Key Stage 5 students can explore our galleries through guided tours, or practice their artistic skills on our specimens. 


The galleries provide an opportunity for older students to practice their artistic skills and be inspired by the specimens at a variety of levels.

The specimens are a chance to study colour, pattern, texture and shape. The galleries can be used for:

  • Study of still life, line drawing and painting
  • Photography
  • Understanding the cultural importance of specimens and art

We can provide a short introduction to the galleries and their history, or facilitate handling specimens for close observation in a designated seated space.


Explore the history behind specimens or enjoy a short introduction to the galleries.

Get in touch to discuss options of short guided tours.

How to book

For questions and bookings, email or call us onĀ +44 (0)20 7942 6177.

School visits must be booked two weeks in advance.