Our Broken Planet: How We Got Here and Ways to Fix It

Three fluorescent, multi-coloured images of a jellyfish, crushed plastic water bottle, and a mosquito.

The natural world is in crisis. As our demand for food, materials and energy soars, forests are becoming farmland, plastic is filling our oceans and the climate is heating fast.

The global UN conferences of COP15 on biodiversity and COP26 on climate change may have ended, but you can still join us as we continue debate why and how our relationship with the natural world needs to change.

The programme includes a free display at the Museum, online events and articles which delve into the issues we all face. 

Visit the display

This free, evolving display explores how humans have transformed the natural world. Through over 40 objects chosen by Museum scientists, we reveal the consequences of our actions and examine some of the solutions that could help mend our broken planet.

The display will open in three stages across the year, with each section exploring a new theme.

  • Until late summer 2022 in the Jerwood Gallery


Eating the Earth

The diets of the world's wealthiest nations are putting the planet in peril, so what are the solutions for a greener, more sustainable food system that could make us - and the planet - healthier?

21 May 2021 - late summer 2022

Nature for sale

From the rare metals in our phones to the cotton in our t-shirts, everything we use starts off as a part of nature. But with dwindling resources and escalating levels of pollution, is it time to rethink the resources we use?

23 July 2021 - late summer 2022

Climate emergency

The catastrophic effects of burning fossil fuels are already being seen in melting Arctic ice and raging wildfires. How can we create a greener, cleaner future and start to heal the planet?

10 September 2021 - late summer 2022

Mayonaise and hot sauce bottles with the copy 'how often do you check out the source of what you're eating?'


What actions do you take to make a positive difference to the planet? Perhaps you eat less meat, buy second-hand clothes or educate others on the changes they can make. Through a trail of objects and interactive, thought-provoking experiences by The Liminal Space, see how we're all connected to nature with the power to nurse our planet back to health.

Share your actions #ForPeopleAndPlanet with us on social media. 

Tune in to online events

Hear from diverse speakers from around the world as they discuss climate change, extinction, problems with plastic and so much more. 

The live events are recorded and can be watched at any time.

Learn about the issues we all face

A sustainable Museum

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Find out how we are making steps to reduce our impact on the planet and help protect nature. 

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