Our Broken Planet

How we got here and ways to fix it

Explore with us as we continue to debate why and how our relationship with the natural world needs to change. 

The natural world is in crisis. As our demand for food, materials and energy soars, forests are becoming farmland, plastic is filling our oceans and the climate is heating fast.

Find out more below about the consequences of our actions and examine some of the solutions that could help mend our broken planet.

Follow the debate

Our Broken Planet: The Podcast

Hear stories from the front line of the planetary emergency, as well as solutions from nature, science and people power.

Watch more events on YouTube

Explore recordings of events where panellists including scientists, farmers, entrepreneurs, fashion designers, journalists, photographers and activists discussed the key challenges we face in building a greener future.

Mining for a solution

The catastrophic effects of burning fossil fuels are already beeing seen in melting Arctic ice and raging wildfires. But mining for new metals and minerals is vital to green technologies including solar panels, wind turbines and electric cars.

Discover how mining could bring about a more sustainable future. Take a deeper look at some of the issues.

Visiting us?

Dive deeper into the role that mining can play in fixing our broken planet thorugh a new display in our Minerals gallery.

Explore solutions to the climate crisis and the vital minerals we need to reduce emissions before its too late. 

Hope for the future

Our impact on nature

Humans have been around for a very short period of time - but we have still managed to cause a lot of damage. Deforestation, intensive farming and the exploitation of natural resources have plundered the natural world and caused biodiversity to fall dramatically.

Examine the facts and consider the solutions - what can we do to save the natural world?

Take action

Small actions can make a big difference. From creating mini habitats to supporting nature-positive causes in your local area, we can all do our bit to support the natural world. 

Use our Discover Biodiversity tool to choose your mission.

Grow wildflower pots for pollinators

Pollinators play a vital role in plant reproduction. Without pollinating insects, many of our crops and wild plants wouldn't survive.

Advocate for green spaces

Make your voice heard by talking to those who have the power to make a change. Help them to understand why parks and other green spaces are important for sustaining biodiversity.

Take part in a bird-watching survey

The RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch is one of the world's largest wildlife surveys. It takes place every January and your findings will help scientists to identify changes in UK bird populations.

A Sustainable Museum

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Find out how we are making steps to reduce our impact on the planet and help protect nature. 

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