A scientist with a net helps a mother and daughter sweep for insects in the Museum's Wildlife Garden

Come and help wildlife experts carry out a real scientific survey known as a BioBlitz.

At a glance

Work with scientists and naturalists to survey wildlife.

Type of activity: Outdoors

Who can take part? Everyone

When and where? Various locations.

How long will it take? Participate for as long as you’d like.

A BioBlitz is a race against time to create a snapshot of the variety of life found in a specific location.

Wildlife experts and the wider public work together, within a set amount of time, to find and identify in the area as many species of plants, animals and fungi as possible.

BioBlitzes can be carried out anywhere there is wildlife, including urban areas such as parks, cemeteries and canals. The records collected during a BioBlitz form part of a genuine scientific survey of the area.

The event is an informal and fun way for young people and other members of the public to learn alongside experts, and share and develop their enthusiasm for nature.

People all over the world take part in BioBlitzes. Museum led BioBlitzes often involve activities led by our scientists and other experts, such as pond dipping, field surveys and wildlife walks. Participants can also use identification guides and tools like microscopes to help study species.

The video below shows what kind of activities you can take part in during a BioBlitz.

What is a BioBlitz?


Upcoming BioBlitzes

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Useful links

Find out more about BioBlitzes at the National BioBlitz Network

Interested in putting together your own BioBlitz event? Then download our handy guide to running a BioBlitz PDF (3.4MB)

BioBlitz discoveries

Take a look at our blog posts, detailing some of the wildlife found by BioBlitz participants at the Museum.

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