Fossil Explorer app

Key features

  • field guide to common fossils in Britain, covering nearly 90 fossil groups
  • interactive map of Britain and geological map overlay
  • illustrations and data for more than 1,200 fossils in the Museum collection
  • fossil content researched and checked by Museum palaeontologists
  • local geology information provided by the British Geological Survey

This app has been discontinued

The Fossil Explorer app is no longer available.

We're exploring other ways to help people identify fossils.

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Fossil hunting advice

Fossil hunting is a rewarding and relatively inexpensive activity. However, there are a few important things to remember.

  • Be aware of health and safety risks. Follow the Geological Association fieldwork guidelines.
  • You are free to collect fossils distributed loose along the British coastline, but there is a code of conduct and you shouldn't in most instances hammer fossils out of cliffs. Read more on the Joint Nature Conservation Committee website.
  • In other places you will need to get permission from the landowner.
  • Some locations (Sites of Special Scientific Interest) are protected by law. You can go and look, but you mustn't collect from them.
  • The Geologists' Association maintains a list of local geological groups and runs Rockwatch geology club for younger collectors.
  • The British Geological Survey provides a wide range of resources about British geology, including information on fossils.