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Drawers containing specimens from the Museum's Lepidoptera collection

Your support is vital to help us carry out pioneering research, deliver world-class experiences for our visitors and care for the unique collections.

The Museum is a powerhouse of scientific enquiry and a voice of authority on the natural world. Our scientists carry out research that has global impact.

Our front-of-house staff engage visitors and inspire the younger generations through innovative educational programmes.

We care for and conserve a collection of 80 million objects spanning billions of years.

Your support helps us carry out this work.

Scientific research

There are crises ahead. Natural resources are diminishing, the ecosystems we rely on are under stress, food sources are declining and new diseases are emerging.

Our scientists are working to combat these issues. Their research includes:

  • studying Madagascan tree ferns to find out how climate change affects rainforests 
  • exploring the ocean to understand how this ecosystem is affected by environmental change
  • identifying ways to prevent the decline of the British bumblebee, a vital pollinator

We need your support to continue this important research and help find solutions to the problems that threaten society and the natural world.

Education programmes

Engaging society in scientific debate and fostering a better understanding of the origins of life, evolution, biodiversity and sustainability is at the heart of the Museum's mission.

Our education programmes make science accessible and exciting through hands-on interaction with our specimens and face-to-face meetings with our experts.

We need your support to continue delivering our world-class learning experiences.

Heritage conservation

Our Grade I listed building is home to the largest and most important collection of natural history specimens and the most extensive natural history library in the world.

The preservation of our specimens, books and building requires expert care and regular attention and is extremely costly.

Your support is vital to help us safeguard our iconic and internationally recognised collections for future generations.

Our supporters

We thank all those who generously support the Museum.

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