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    The Museum has joined forces with Google Arts & Culture around the Fantastic Beasts™: The Wonder of Nature exhibition, allowing global audiences to experience elements of the exhibition.

  • Fantastic Beasts™: The Wonder of Nature

    Fantastic Beasts: The Wonder of Nature showing an Erumpent with a peacock spider sitting on its horn.

    Delve into the Fantastic Beasts™: The Wonder of Nature collection online with Google Arts & Culture; a curated digital exhibition created in partnership with the Museum. Visitors will enjoy an immersive digital experience featuring highlights from the exhibition and fascinating insights from Museum scientists and curators as they investigate the details of the specimens on display.

    Fantastic Beasts™: The Wonder of Nature is supported by Google Arts & Culture.

    The exhibition, opening winter 2020, invites visitors to discover where the real world and the Wizarding World intertwine, and how the wonders of the natural world have inspired myths, legends and magical creatures for generations. Find out more about the exhibition

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    Google Arts & Culture puts the collections of more than 2,000 museums at your fingertips. It's an immersive way to explore art, history and the wonders of the world, from Van Gogh's bedroom paintings and the women's rights movement to the Taj Mahal.

    The Google Arts & Culture app is free and available online for iOS and Android. 

    Google Arts & Culture has been an innovation partner for cultural institutions since 2011. They develop technologies that help preserve and share culture and allow curators to create engaging exhibitions online and offline, inside museums.

    Explore their latest projects at

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From unicorns to krakens, and mermaids to dragons, these magical beasts share more than you might think with many
natural world animals. Partnering once again with the Natural History Museum we are excited to bring the magic of the
natural and fictional worlds together in a wonderful online exhibition. Now everyone around the globe can take a peek at the London exhibition, to learn more about some of the incredible creatures or challenge friends to take part in our new interactive puzzles. 

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Amit Sood

Director, Google Arts & Culture

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