Explore: Urban Nature

We're challenging students across the UK to help everyone better understand the nature around us, in our towns and cities.

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The Explore: Urban Nature programme is coming to a museum near you and there are lots of ways students aged 9-14 can be part of the urban nature movement. It’s just beginning, it’s free to take part and your students can help lead the way. 

We need them to track and monitor the nature closest to home, become the local experts, help us observe and collect new data, and take action through science to make a real difference. 

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Contact us

If you have any questions about the programme, you can email us at: ExploreUrbanNature@nhm.ac.uk

To be connected to your nearest museum email: ExploreUrbanNature@nhm.ac.uk

Not close to a museum? Don’t worry! There are many ways for your students to take part remotely, from CREST awards to an EcoSchools challenge and more.

Map of UK showing project partner locations

Ways to take part

Discover our learning resources

Use our learning resources with your students to explore the nature on your doorstep and discover the challenges it faces.

Get local museum support

Your local museum will be running workshops and celebration days, where students can investigate their urban nature ideas in more depth and discuss them with experts.

To be connected to your nearest museum email: ExploreUrbanNature@nhm.ac.uk

The Museum is running a London workshop.

Build your skills with teacher training

Learn about the latest urban nature scientific research developments, practice field skills, and design an action plan to confidently run an outdoor investigation with your students on or near your school site.

Join in with citizen science

Gather real data to help understand the nature around us. Take part in our seasonal nature challenges, or use our calendar to find suitable projects for your class.

Empower your students

Challenge your students to investigate their questions by completing a Bronze CREST Award (PDF 830KB), or work as a team towards becoming an Eco-School.

Share your questions with scientists

Share your students’ scientific questions with experts at the Natural History Museum who are crowdsourcing ideas for their next big urban nature research project.

Why urban nature matters

Over 83% of the UK population live in urban areas. Towns and cities are where most people experience nature - in parks, gardens and patches of wasteland, rather than in the countryside or national parks.

These urban green spaces are important: strongholds for a wide range of species, and places for people to conect with nature, improving our mental and physical health.  

But these spaces can be neglected and may come under extra pressure as the urban population grows.

We want to help thousands of young people dig into what urban nature is, what it does, how it's changing, and what we can all do to support it. 


We thank all funders to the Urban Nature Project campaign so far, including those who wish to remain anonymous, for their generous support. We recognise the following funders for their exceptional contributions to the campaign:

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