Light microscopy

The Light Microscopy Facility houses state-of-the-art microscopy systems that allow scientists from all over the world to see beyond the limits of the naked eye.

Traditional manual microscopes compliment the new automated and fully programmable imaging systems, together allowing the lab to facilitate a diverse array of research and curation projects.

Digitisation is a major focus of the Museum's Science Strategy and is pioneering the implementation of new techniques and adapting methods to achieve this goal. 

The 3D Visualisation Laboratory is located within our Imaging Suite. It now houses both the 3D Visualisation Laboratory and our Light Microscopy facilities.

Museum lead

Dr Alex Ball


  • Olympus BX63
  • Zeiss AxioZoom v.16
  • Leica MZ 125
  • Zeiss Axioskop
  • Macro-photography stand
  • Olympus BX61
  • Zeiss AxioScan Z1
  • Zeiss Stemi
  • Large format leaf camera
  • Medium format leaf camera