Electronic and light engineering workshop

The electronic workshop runs diagnostics, repair, and modification of electronic instruments and equipment. 

The workshop also designs and manufactures single electromechanical items.

The electronic workshop can also carry out specific servicing and maintenance to refrigerators, rotary pumps, chillers, microscopes (and accessories), and rock sample preparation lab equipment etc. In the case of equipment that is faulty, once the fault has been determined the owner will be informed of any costs involved and the repair turnaround time prior to repairs taking place.

The workshop can also help with the design of novel and bespoke electromechanical equipment, giving advice and sourcing of necessary materials. Examples include new sample presses and holders for the mineral preparation laboratory and sample holders for the scanning electron microscopes and micro probes. 

The electronic workshop is located within the imaging and analysis laboratories (Room No. EGB22), and is available to museum scientific staff (a cost centre or project code may be required).

Please note repairs or alterations to electrical items do not include fixed items (eg light fittings, power points etc.). Faults to these items must be reported to estates immediately.

The cost of materials (but not labour) will be charged to the cost centre / project code responsible for the request.

Museum lead

Mr Deen Pande

Electronics manager