Faro Edge laser

Laser scanners use cameras to measure the amount of deformation in a laser line as it runs across an object. 

The precision arm which forms part of our laser scanner equipment is precisely calibrated so that the positions of the cameras and laser are always known. The system provides interactive feedback to the user, helping them to achieve high quality results.

The object to be scanned must remain still during the capture.

This scanner provides very detailed 3D shape data but does not capture any visual surface information such as colour.

Geomagic Wrap software is used to capture and process laser scan data.

Museum lead

Dr Amy Scott-Murray, 3D imaging specialist

Key facts

  • 3D surface scanning
  • Technique: laser line scanning
  • Sample size: 2cm - 2m
  • Accuracy: ±25μm
  • Output: OBJ, STL, PLY