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Fossil preparation in the Conservation Centre

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The Conservation Centre runs training course and provides conservation and consultancy services to museums and other institutions around the world.

We also run a successful casting and moulding programme, supplying museums and research institutions with quality replicas.

Casting and moulding

We have supplied dinosaur replicas such as Baryonyx and Hypsilophodon to museums including the Hayashibara Museum of Natural Sciences, Japan and the Toulouse Museum in France.

We also create replicas for film and television. For example, we have created casts of Archaeopteryx for the BBC.

Training courses

We run a range of Natural History Museum accredited internal and external training courses.

Training on-site at the Museum can be taken one-on-one or as a group.

Our staff have delivered courses for clients throughout North America, Australasia, China, Europe and Africa, covering all areas of collection care, specimen conservation and environmental management.


The Conservation Centre does commercial and advisory work for institutions from around the world. We specialise in collections care, replication, preparation and conservation.

Our work includes practical conservation and preparation work as well as surveys, benchmarking and risk, environmental assessments, and performance management.

We have worked with a diverse range of institutions, including:

  • the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
  • the British Museum
  • the National Museum of Natural History (Smithsonian Institution)
  • the Rwandan Government
  • the Geological Museum of China
  • the Marciana Library, Venice
  • the British Library.


Our staff have a range of experience in the development and planning of exhibitions, and can advise on all aspects of exhibition conservation. 

We have expertise in all areas of exhibition conservation, including:

  • environmental control and monitoring
  • eupports and packaging
  • shipping and handling of sensitive specimens
  • condition reports
  • exhibition installation
  • lighting
  • case design.

Conservation and facilities

Find out more about our:

  • conservation
  • facilities
  • equipment

Training and development courses

From the fundamentals of natural history conservation, to pest management and disaster preparedness, find out more about our range of courses for professionals across the sector.