A mountain hare in the snow

A mountain hare in the Cairngorm mountains © Sue Berry/

Our researchers are developing new molecular and digital tools for discovering biodiversity.

Our projects

Understanding biodiversity change and finding solutions to help biodiversity recover


Analysing a global database of ecological communities to understand how human activities, such as land use, affect local biodiversity worldwide.

Plants Under Pressure

Measuring how many plant species are threatened with extinction, where these plants grow and why they are threatened.

UK biodiversity

Darwin Tree of Life

Sequencing the DNA barcodes and full genomes of all 66,000+ described UK species.

Urban Nature Project

Making our towns and cities healthy and sustainable places to live.

Brilliant butterflies

Working with local communities to monitor invertebrate communities in chalk grassland sites using traditional visual surveys and environmental DNA methods.


Studying the impact of citizen science projects on the young people involved.

Community science

Answering the big science questions around climate change and the diversity of life requires lots of data that our researchers can't gather alone. 

Angela Marmont Centre for UK Nature

Supporting the individuals, schemes and societies that record, monitor and protect the UK's biodiversity.

UK natural history training

Developing training to help you build your skills in identifying and recording UK wildlife.

UK species inventory

Bringing all of the standard reference names for all species of flora and fauna in the UK together in one place.

Image credits: Three Little Owls in the hollow of a tree © Shutterstock/Coatesy