Algae, Fungi and Plants

A tree on St Hellens

Cloud forest in the Peaks National Park, St. Helena, Atlantic Ocean, image by Silvia Pressel

Our research

Museum botanists are researching the biodiversity, taxonomy and systematics of plants, including bryophytes, ferns and flowering plants.

Future food

Museum scientists are seeking out wild relatives of food plants native to Peru to help breeders prepare stronger crops for the future.

Plants Under Pressure

The Plants Under Pressure programme measures how many plant species are threatened with extinction, where these plants grow and why they are threatened.

EXCALIBUR: soil biodiversity in horticulture

Excalibur brings together 16 partners across Europe to obtain a better understanding of underground soil biodiversity and dynamics.

Angiosperm research

We are finding new foods by searching for wild relatives of crops, creating tools for biodiversity conservation and assessing how threatened plants are globally.

Bryophyte research

We are focusing on the exploration, description and monitoring of bryophyte flora in the tropics, as indicators of the quality and health of their ecosystems.

Core research labs

Our core research lab teams are available for complex on-site imaging, molecular analysis and conservation of biological samples.


Undertake professional and postgraduate training in plant sciences.