Fossil sponge collections

Calyptrella tenuissima, a glass sponge fossil

Drawing of Chenendopora michelinii Hinde (specimen NHMUK PI P 1197) published in James Parkinson's book Organic Remains of a Former World in 1808. Originally labelled as being from the Cretaceous Upper Greensand of Wiltshire, England, the specimen is now considered more likely to be from France.

The Museum has a substantial collection of fossil sponges that contains an estimated 71,000 specimens, including more than 200 type and figured specimens. The collection also contains a number of important historical sub-collections.

71,000                200  

Specimens                  Type specimens  

Geological range

Each class within the Porifera is represented across its full geological range:

  • Demospongea: Cambrian to Recent
  • Calcarea: Cambrian to Recent
  • Hexactinellida: Cambrian to Recent

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The fossil sponge collection is being digitised

Specimens of the related phyla Archaeocyatha and Stromatopoidea are stored in the same area as the sponges.

The collection is supported by a specialist library.

Major collections

  • Mantell Collection
    Consisting of specimens illustrated in The Fossils of the South Downs.
  • GJ Hinde Collection
    Hinde documented much of the fossil sponge collection. 

Countries of origin

The collection is representative of all continents except Antarctica.


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Important historical collections

  • GA Mantell Collection
  • JS Bowerbank
  • J Toulmin Smith
  • GJ Hinde Collection
  • HA Nicholson (Stromatoporids)
  • RG Hudson (Middle East)
  • J Parkinson 

Accessing the collections

Scientists and collections management specialists can visit the collections and borrow specimens for research.

Collections management

Our duty is to provide a safe and secure environment for all of our collections.

Collections on the move

We have set out on an ambitious programme to develop a new science and digitisation centre. As we prepare for the move, access to some collections will be affected. 

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