Fossil echinoderm collection

Dizgocrinus mon, fossil crinoid

Pentacrinites fossilis, a Lower Jurassic crinoid from Lyme Regis, Dorset

The diversity and abundance of echinoderm fossils is reflected in the Museum's large, world-class collection.

Fossil echinoderms are numerous, due in part to the fantastic preservation potential of the calcite plates that form their skeletons. They have been found in Phanerozoic marine sediments around the globe.

200,000                   1,800                         

Specimens                           Type specimens                 


With around 200,000 specimens, including more than 1,800 type and figured specimens, the Museum’s collection is representative of all classes of echinoderms.         

Collection strengths:

  • Palaeozoic and Mesozoic asterozoans
  • Mesozoic echinoids
  • Palaeozoic crinoids
  • carpoids (Homalozoa)
  • blastoids and cystoids

Countries of origin

The collection is representative of all continents.

Geological range

The full geological range of each group is represented in our collection:

  • Asterozoa (Cambrian to Recent)
  • Blastoidea (Cambrian to Permian)
  • Crinoidea (Cambrian to Recent)
  • Cystoids (Ordovician to Devonian)
  • Echinozoa (Cambrian to Recent)
  • Homolozoa including the carpoids (Cambrian to Carboniferous)

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