A crab performs a threat display in Emanuel Biggi's photograph 'The gladiator crab', one of 25 finalists for this year's People's Choice Award.

The gladiator crab. © Emanuele Biggi

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The gladiator crab

Emanuele Biggi's striking image of a freshwater crab in Rome was a finalist for the 2016 Wildlife Photographer of Year People's Choice award.

The crab belongs to an old population inhabiting the small channels that connect Trajan's Market in the centre of Rome to the ancient Cloaca Maxima sewer system. It is believed that the species was introduced by Greeks around 1000BC, long before the city was founded.

Biggi captures the crab performing a threat display, rearing up with its pincers held high and wide.

People's choice

The People's Choice vote comprised 25 photographs selected by the Wildlife Photographer of the Year jury from more than 42,000 submissions.

This year's finalists include an atmospheric shot of a bonobo in the forests south of the Congo river, a rare image of a young tripod fish, and a photo of a yellow-legged gull warming itself above a chimney.

The top five People's Choice Award images can be seen in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015 online gallery.