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Specimen stores and lights at night

For the final #NHM_Live show of 2018, find out what can happen when expeditions don't go exactly as planned, discover more stories from behind the scenes at the Museum and learn how to put together your own science project at home.

This month, wasp expert Dr Gavin Broad visited the Attenborough Studio to talk about some of the really unusual things that can get caught in light traps. Learn just how easy it is to set up a simple light sheet at home, to find out what sort of insects live nearby.

Fish researcher Ralf Britz went behind the scenes to the dry specimen store and showed some of the weird and wonderful fishes in the Museum collection.

See why Rudolph has a red nose, how fieldwork doesn't always go exactly as scientists expect and try to identify the mystery specimen of the month.

This #NHM_Live was broadcast on Wednesday 12 December 2018.