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Michael Benson: reflections on Saturn

Otherworlds artist Michael Benson discusses his images of Saturn - 'one of the most extraordinary things ever seen in nature'.

Working with data returned by NASA's Cassini Orbiter spacecraft, Benson has created a series of works showing Saturn and its extraordinary ring system.

Cassini has been in continual orbit around Saturn since 2004, capturing images of the planet in varying lighting conditions and from a wide range of angles.

Benson used data returned by Cassini between 2006 and 2007 to create Dark Side of the Rings and Night Side of Saturn - two pieces that show how Saturn's rings reflect sunlight to create stunning visual effects.

High Above Saturn's North Pole, the most recent image of Saturn in the exhibition, is a portrait of the full planet and ring system. It was created using images taken by Cassini in 2013.