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How to make a simple origami frog

Follow our instructions to find out how to fold a very easy origami jumping frog and discover some of the colourful species you could decorate your paper amphibian to look like.

You very likely have everything you need to create this frog at home already.

How to make a frog

You will need:

  • square paper
  • paints, pens or pencils for decorating
  • a flat surface
Fold your paper square in half

1. Fold your paper in half to create a rectangle.

If you are using paper that is coloured on one side, make sure that the colour is on the outside when the paper is folded in half. Make sure all of the folds are well creased.

Fold the top two corners down diagonally and unfold

2. One at a time, fold the top corners of your rectangle down and then unfold them.

Push the sides of the paper together and press it down to create a triangle shape

3. Turn the paper over. Squeeze the sides of the paper together, so your corner folds meet in the middle, and press down.

Your paper will now have a triangular top.

Fold the bottom of the paper up to the base of the triangle

4. Fold the square bottom edge of the paper up to meet the base of the triangle.

Lift the triangle flaps and fold in the straight sides of the paper

5. Fold one flap of the triangle to the opposite side, creasing in the middle. Fold in the side of your paper to the middle. Unfold the triangle flap.

Repeat step five on the opposite side. 

Fold the bottom edge of the paper to the base of the triangle and fold down both corners

6. Fold the bottom edge of the paper up again to the base of the triangle and fold down the two top corners diagonally.

Pull the corners of the bottom flap out to make a boat-shape

7. Unfold and pull the corners of the base out to make a boat-shaped flap.

Fold the boat-shaped flap corners down to meet in the middle

8. Fold down the corners of the boat-shaped flap so they meet in the middle.

Fold all four flaps up diagonally to make the frog's legs

9. To make the frog's legs, fold all four flaps upwards.

Fold the frog in half and fold back the top edge

10. Fold the frog in half, then fold back the top edge.

Turn your frog over

11. Flip the paper over and you will have made an origami jumping frog.

Give your frog a face with pens, pencils or other decorations

12. Give your frog a face or decorate it as your favourite species using pens, paints, pencils or other decorations.

A collection of origami frogs decorated as vaious species

Frogs can be very colourful animals. Why not get creative and decorate your origami as your favourite species?

Decorate your frog

Although you can use paper that is sold specifically for origami, you can easily make an origami frog using any paper you have at home that is cut into a square.

If you use plain paper, you could decorate your frog however you like. There are a number of frogs, including many of the poison dart frogs native to South and Central America, that are very colourful.

Here are a few frogs that could inspire your decorations.