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360° urban nature search

Join a bioblitz search for plants and animals in the ruins of Weoley Castle in Birmingham. You will discover how even small pockets of land in urban spaces are home to a wide range of wildlife.

With over 70,000 species living in the UK, if you know how and where to look, you can make all sorts of fascinating discoveries.

In the 360° video above, Laurence Butler, Learning and Access Team Leader at Birmingham Museums Trust, explains how members of the public helped monitor their local wildlife at Weoley Castle in Birmingham. Together they recorded 98 species in just one bioblitz day.

Want to make your own wildlife discoveries?

There are many ways to get involved with the nature where you live, from joining local wildlife groups to taking part in mass citizen science surveys or just using specialist apps to identify and log what you see around you. Check out our Take Part pages for more ideas and information on on how to get involved.

Wildlife identification

Found a plant or animal that you can't identify? Try our apps and online guides or contact our Identification and Advisory Service.