A History of Life Through Fossils

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A History of Life Through Fossils is an unforgettable journey of scientific exploration, drawing on the latest evolutionary research.

Some of the most scientifically significant, thought-provoking and visually impressive fossils ever discovered have been selected for this new display, and are shown together for the very first time as part of a compelling narrative.

This family-friendly exhibition is organised into four sections corresponding to the eras of geological time:

1. Life begins: the first fossils and early life on Earth.

2. Life conquers land: the first complex animals appear, life proliferates in the oceans and the first plants and animals evolve to live on land.

3. Life recovers: following a devastating mass extinction, Earth sees the rise of the reptiles, including dinosaurs, and the origins of birds and mammals.

4. Life as we know it: the fall of the reptiles allows mammals to diversify, including the emergence of our own close relatives.

Past environments and extinct species are brought to life through projection and film, displaying the enormous changes to Earth's geography, climate and life as part of a journey through time.

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Developed as a package for between 650m2 and 1,000m2 (7,000sqft to 11,000sqft) display spaces.

The exhibition consists of the following components:

  • 75-100 Natural History Museum collection specimens and objects
  • full exhibition text, panels, labels and images
  • multimedia assets
  • design look and feel for 2D and 3D exhibition elements
  • set of fine art crates for object transportation
  • optional retail and publishing products

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