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Developed with palaeontologists, animal behaviour experts, biologists and Museum curators, Age of the Dinosaur is a unique journey through the three periods of the Mesozoic era - the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous.

Travelling back between 65 million and 250 million years, visitors are immersed in scientifically accurate habitats, witnessing the sights, sounds and smells of the world of the dinosaurs.

Featuring around 50 real specimens, lifelike models, full-scale animatronics and stunning film footage, Age of the Dinosaur paints an evocative picture and tells a compelling scientific story of a vital period in Earth's history.

As visitors enter the exhibition they will see the history of Earth presented on a large-scale timeline covering the Triassic period to the present day. They will then explore Jurassic specimens that reveal the climate, biodiversity and geography of that era.

An atmospheric underwater area depicts ocean life from the Jurassic period. Animals, fish and ammonites swim past as visitors see specimens from the deep close up.

There's also a Cretaceous period watering hole. Strange sounds fill the air and accurate recreations of trees, plants, animals and insects complete the sensory experience. 

In a special discovery area, visitors can learn how our planet looked in the days of the dinosaurs. Here they can interact with exhibits, handle real specimens and experience the Museum’s impressive scientific resources.

A fitting end

In the final part of the exhibition, visitors learn about the extinction of dinosaurs and travel forwards in time to the present day, before being asked to imagine what the world will be like in 65 million years. What kind of animals will roam the Earth then?

And, because no exhibition visit is complete without a browse of the gift shop, we also offer a wide range of fantastic dinosaur merchandise at wholesale prices.

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To host this exhibition you will need: 

  • minimum 600mdisplay area
  • environmentally controlled conditions
  • 4.5m minimum gallery ceiling height 
  • a clean and secure room next to the gallery for specimen preparation during installation and dismantling
  • suitable doorway access
  • air compressor and pipes to power the animatronic models 
  • translation and production of text, text panels and graphics
  • skilled support staff to assist with installation and dismantling
  • forklift, crane, hoist and other equipment required for access
  • two scaffold towers for installation and dismantling
  • cover transport costs
  • insurance

Average installation/dismantling period: 
15 days

Ideal hire period: at least four months

Age of the Dinosaur exhibition trailer

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