National impact

Our impact reaches far beyond our sites in South Kensington and Tring.

Working with our partners, we inspire the UK to connect with the natural world. Through our national networks we improve resilience in museums and provide the skills to better understand our planet’s biodiversity and protect it for future generations.

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National Programme team
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Dippy on Tour

Our iconic Diplodocus is on a UK tour, visiting eight partner venues.

Associated activities will encourage children to go on their own natural history adventures and become future scientists.

Citizen science

Answering the big science questions of our time requires collaboration.

By actively involving UK citizens in our research, we provide opportunities for people to contribute to science.

Real World Science

Real World Science is a learning initiative run by UK partner museums.

This highly successful programme uses natural history collections to engage young people and teachers with science.

Collections Consortium

The Museum is a major partner in this group of UK museums and organisations that manage natural science collections. Its members share their experiences and work together to develop initiatives for better collections use and access.